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5 Reasons a Website is a Must for Your Business

The era of thick yellow pages is long gone and technology has been constantly evolving. This makes almost all of our transactions available digitally, especially when it comes to business. Consider having a website.

Whether your business is small, large, or somewhere in between, if you have a strategically designed website, it gives you an opportunity of competing with other businesses in your industry fair and square. And contrary to what many small business owners think, having a website is actually less expensive and it is so much easier to manage. Most of all, your website is the best means to advertise for FREE!

A lot of business owners still rely solely on their social media platforms to operate and grow their business. But if you think social media is enough to handle it, think again. There’s more to business growth than what social media can offer.

Here are some of the reasons why it’s time you get your business its own website!

1. Your website is available 24/7.

What’s the best thing than earning money while you’re asleep? 

You are a business person who wants to cater to your customers’ needs but you cannot make yourself available all the time on social media, so as your employees. But if you have a well-designed website that is accessible 24/7, you can be assured that your products and services are promoted even when you are unavailable.

From your social media account, you can point customers directly to your website to know more about the services you offer or purchase your products since it is accessible anytime from all devices.  It also gives your customers a chance to access your content at their convenience.

2. Your website greatly adds to your business’s credibility.

I guess we can all agree that not everything you see or advertised on social media is legit. This is why it is very important that you establish your own website to let your customers know that you are trustworthy. Show them that you take their business very seriously.

Nowadays, consumers are skeptic and very careful. And that, we completely understand. Your website helps you showcase your expertise and your audience will perceive you as knowledgeable in your industry. Your customers will have a very strong impression of you. This is very important since earning your customers’ trust is one of the many essentials to keep your business running.

3. Your website is completely under your control.

Yes, you do have a Facebook page or an Instagram account where you can run your business. But it does not guarantee you a free, full function. Why? Because you do not really own them.

These social media platforms can easily remove your post or completely shut down your entire page when they see fit. What’s worse is that you cannot do anything about it. So all your all-out efforts are gone and your customers could not find or reach you anywhere.

Your social media accounts are of great help in running your business but you cannot solely rely on them. Having your own website lets you freely display your products or promote your services. You can use beautiful images or video clips without worry about being taken down unexpectedly.

4. Your website strongly showcases your brand and delivers strong marketing messages.

Your website is the first interaction of your target audience with your brand.  It is the perfect platform to create an online presence for your brand. It shapes the online picture of your business.

While social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are getting more and more crowded, you will find that those who have the same nature of business as yours are increasing rapidly. This makes it hard for you to position yourself in the market.

But with your own branded website, you can freely share your success and positive testimonials with the type of customers you are looking for. So you get to be the main focus when a potential customer landed on your website.

5. Your website is a time-saver.

Communicating with potential customers takes time. And sometimes it takes a lot of time. You do not expect yourself to always be free to answer their inquiries.

So instead of spending a great amount of time and effort taking calls, responding to chats, texts, or emails, your website will have all the necessary information. It will answer your potential customers’ inquiries and questions such as your location, pricing, and services.  So you get to enjoy spending more time doing more valuable stuff.

So start your own website today. There will be no stopping you from generating more and more revenues and grow your business exponentially. Your website makes you visible to the world. So, why not?

If you think you might need help creating your website, no worries, we can help you. You can ask us for free consultation. Just shoot us a message and we’ll try to answer your questions.  CHAT with us.

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