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GCash for Cashless Payments

Nowadays, cashless transactions are in demand and more and more Filipino consumers prefer this mode of payment. Especially in this time of pandemic where physical contact with just anyone is a risky activity and even limits our usual movements, going cashless is the best and safest choice for you and your customer to settle a transaction. Try GCash.

Gcash, to put it simply, is a digital wallet app.  It provides mobile payment solutions that your business needs. Contrary to what people think, Gcash does not limit to a specific network provider. You can download and register on the app regardless if you are a Globe/TM subscriber and as long as you have data plan active on your smartphone.

Here are some of the advantages of using Gcash for your business:

1. It expands access to millions of customers.

Gcash has more than 20 million users with over 70 thousand partner merchants! It is currently the biggest cashless payment app in the Philippines. It is like getting the biggest slice of the pie. Surely, that is more than enough reason to start using it for your business. More users mean more potential customers with more chances of generating sales. This is very helpful in expanding and growing your business exponentially since you get to reach to millions of consumers nationwide and boost your revenues.

2.  It is safe and very convenient

Dealing with a payment has never been this easy, both for you and your customer. Gcash has a scan-to-pay feature which gives your customers the option to make mobile payment a lot easier by scanning your unique QR code to pay. With this feature, it also allows you to accept mobile payments from your customers faster.

And with the ongoing pandemic where people are more comfortable doing their business online, Gcash is the perfect partner for your online business’ needs. Your customers need not to go outside to settle their payments to you. They can simply add to cart, check out then pay with their Gcash.

With the combined third party payment gateways/providers online such as PayMongo, you can leverage your Gcash account so you can fulfill your customer’s order instantly. You and your customer also get a real-time SMS notification to confirm that the payment has been successfully made.

Your Gcash account is protected by 4-digit MPIN every time you log in. It also implements a one-time password (OTP) to validate most of your transactions via SMS or email so you can rest assured that your transaction details are secured.

3. It settles directly to your account.

You can sit back and relax as your Gcash transactions are automatically settled to your bank account.  You will be required to integrate a bank account to your Gcash. They will sweep your merchant account and transfer the amount to your bank account automatically the next business day with all other details that you needed.

4. It offers a lot more function.

Your Gcash does not only act to facilitate your business but also lets you perform other transactions such as paying bills, buy loads, transfer money to your loved ones, money saving, investment…and the list keeps going on. It saves you the time and hassle of basically going out to settle your stuff.

5. It provides 24/7 merchant assistance.

You can always count on their friendly merchant support team to assist you any time of the day whenever you have inquiries or need further help with your Gcash account.

Truly, the power of technology is indeed remarkable. With the undeniable wonders of what your smartphones can do, having a digital wallet such as Gcash makes it so much safer in receiving payments and not to mention, very convenient, with just a touch of your fingertips.

Wondering how you can offer GCash to your customers?  Chat with us to learn more.

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