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Speed Up Your Deliveries with Mr. Speedy

There is no denying that there is a continuous rise of e-commerce in the country. Thus, there is a growing demand for instant delivery services, particularly during this time of the pandemic. Courier services are the most practical and one of the popular logistics operations in the country. Their services are very much sought after by business owners and most of all, by online sellers. Mr. Speedy Philippines is one of the courier services that is making its name in the online delivery platform.

Mr. Speedy Philippines is the youngest yet the fastest growing same-day delivery service in the country. It is operated by Dostavista Global, a Russian-based company, and has entered the Philippine market in 2018. As a crowd-sourced delivery platform, Mr. Speedy offers a faster delivery service in Metro Manila for anything from food, documents, flowers, and other products.

Take a look at some of the reasons why you should partner with Mr. Speedy:

1. Website Integration

Yes, you can definitely integrate Mr. Speedy with your website for easier transactions. Its business API lets you place delivery orders in Mr. Speedy automatically and allows you to manage the orders as well to update any changes in them.

This service offers more convenience for online sellers as you do not need to access Mr. Speedy app every time to book a delivery for your customer. Additionally, you do not have to manually inform the customer of the total delivery amount. The delivery fee is calculated automatically once the customer enters his/her shipping address upon checkout on your website.

2. Cheapest Delivery Rates

Mr. Speedy’s delivery pricing is up to 40% cheaper compared to its competitors in Metro Manila. How amazing is that?! This delivery platform offers its quality service at a very affordable price for their clients and customers through its pricing of PHP 6 per kilometer with PHP 60 hailing fee. This is much lower than the industry standard of PHP 8 per kilometer. Indeed, it is a big saving especially for online entrepreneurs like you without risking the quality of your service.

3. Same-Day Delivery

You want to get on with your transactions and you want it fast. Mr. Speedy has got you covered. It is the fastest-growing same-day delivery service so you can be sure that the parcels are delivered to your customers safely without having to wait another day.

4. Cash On Delivery

Our country is still in the process of transitioning to cashless payments. And while cashless transactions are not yet fully embraced by society, there are still a lot of customers who rely on paying cash for their online orders.

Mr. Speedy expresses that their clients have noted a gradual increase of 300% in their business sales since they offer cash on delivery service. In line with this, Mr. Speedy has launched a campaign of #MrSpeedyGuarantee which promises to provide 24 to 48 hour cash on delivery remittances as additional benefit to sellers. This is absolutely a wonderful news for online entrepreneurs.

5. Responsive Customer Support

Mr. Speedy aims to be the best partner for Metro Manila sellers. It has a real time chat support, which vows a 2-minute reply time, that you can contact anytime should there be any issues with your package without having to wait for hours for a response.

Mr. Speedy also asserts that they listen and deeply understand their customers’ needs and that is what sets them apart from their competitors.

Nowadays, the trend for online selling is instant delivery. This means you want a courier service that is reliable, fast, consistent, and true to its commitment to strengthen the quality and meet the needs of your customers. Mr. Speedy pledges to power up small online and local businesses to be competitive as one of their goals.  

With its very affordable rates and quality service, you can sure to put your business out there and proudly compete with other business scales.

Let Mr. Speedy unload the burden of your business operations and let your business focus on more important challenges to let it prosper.

We can help you integrate Mr. Speedy with your operations. Chat with us to learn more.

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